Who still calls 411?

Everyone has a smart phone, so with the ability to google or ask Siri, why would you call 411? And on top of it they charge you $2 now.

Enter this young pot head who was just way to stone to figure out google. Looking for the nearest place to resupply his stash, he he did it the old fashion way, and screwed that up too.

The Charlton Police either have a very good writer running their Facebook page or they have some of the wackiest shit happen to them. Although it would have been more entertaining if the officer had just given him the address and directions to the police station. Their YouTube page would be trending in no time with the video of him trying to order weed from the dispatchers window.

But in the spirit of trying to help this confused young man, I googled what he was looking for. It took like 2 seconds and didn’t in anyway involve the police.

Great, a pot shop next to the McDonald s and across the street from a Teds Package Store. Pot, boozes and Big Macs, what a combo!

The Charlton PD wasn’t quite done yet. Even though the young stoner hung up after realizing that he had called the one guy in town that doesn’t think 420 is the coolest time of the day, they offered a quick math lesson.

Even though it is summer time kids, doesn’t mean you have to stop learning.

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