Senior Citizen Discount

Source the A 73-year-old Village of Caroline man is serving 15 days in jail after switching pricetags last year at the Goodwill Superstore.

This may be the first time ever someone has gone to a Good Will and complained about the prices. To his credit, he was willing to pay, just not the asking price.

Last week in Sumter County Court, Thomas Charles Brazie, pleaded no contest to charges of theft and resisting arrest.

For real? Like trying to steal from Good Will wasn’t enough, you tried to fight the cops off too? Lets take a look at this retired badass.

Really? He looks like a retired school teacher on his way to a church outing.

Brazie was at the store in Oxford on March 5 when a loss prevention officer saw him change pricetags on merchandise, according to an arrest report from the Wildwood Police Department. Brazie was approached in the parking lot by the loss prevention officer. Brazie left the premises, but then returned because his wife was still there.

The Loss Prevention Officer at a Good Will in Florida, nothing says your law enforcement career is taking off like being in charge of making sure nobody steals donated items.

Then, after eluding thhe security guard and running off into the sunset with his loot, old Tom realized he forgot his wife at the store. This a a real life choose your own adventure right there folks. Does Tom take the earful he is going to get from the wife for ditching her at a thrift store while trying to steal stuff, or face the police and go to jail? Whats a snowbird to do?

A police officer arrived on the scene and attempted to take Brazie into custody. He attempted to run and tried to pull away from the police officer.

Oh you have to be shitting me? At 73 years young this guy somehow though he would rescue the wife, out run and fight the police giving him bragging rights about how much of a hardass he is at the Denny’s early bird special in the morning.

But wait , his crime spree wasn’t done yet.

Brazie was arrested again in September after he failed to show up for a court date in the case.

He probably just forgot, it happens at his age. Hopefully Tom is enjoying his two weeks in a Florida jail, Stealing for Good Will gives you alot of street cred show I’m sure nobody will mess with him. On a lighter note, I’m sure his wife will never make him take her shopping again.