Bring back what?

Meet Audrey Dahmer from Arizona.

She started a GoFundMe because she really needs your help with a very very important issue.

Just for the record, MySpace never left, just everyone left MySpace But lets hear her out.

I, Audrey Dahmer, have officially decided to launch this campaign today in regards to those who are dedicated when it comes to the social networking world.

Growing up, MySpace was that escape where I felt I could express myself the most when I felt judgement from society. 

Yeah, because nobody every judged anyone online. And everyone was attractive in AOL chatrooms too .

The goal that I am making today is to somehow, someway acquire MySpace with the help of you.

I want nothing to do with MySpace.

My vision for MySpace is to bring back the originality and cultural sensitivity we once had, along with being able to have that freedom of expression without being punished for it. Most social networking sites (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) have been known variously to punish users for they’re posted content when it was content that should have never been reported and/or removed. 

When Myspace was popular, internet access was limited and the liberals that bitch online were still identifying as the gender they were born as.

I would also love to bring a platform where everyone can fit in with more diversity and less division.

The Democrats will get on it and ruin your dream in 10 minutes flat.

In 2018, MySpace was purchased by Meredith Corporation and looks like it may be back on the market again.

Meredith? What the faq, can we get away from that name for one week please ??

If the campaign meets it’s goal, I will offer Meredith Corporation $35 million.

That is about 35 million to much, but ok.

This could be the perfect opportunity to obtain something that was once so great by making it happen all over again.

Its still there Audrey!!! You are trying to bring back disco, it aint happening.

Disclaimer: Those willing to contribute to the campaign can and will become shareholders of the company/website. 

If the campaign fails to succeed and/or Meredith Corporation rejects the offer, all contributions will automatically be returned. No questions asked.

Your donation means a lot. No matter how large or little, it still adds up. Even just a Share to get the word out helps.  

Let’s start a movement.

I could own a piece of MySpace? A dream come true !!!!

So you noticed she mentioned 35 million , so how much is she trying to raise?

Thats right, 60 million !!! So far she has raised nothing. But I got a feeling it will happen, who doesn’t want shares of MySpace for Christmas?

The good news, if this is a little to much for your wallet, you can help in other ways.

Only $50K for this guy.

Sorry, Myspace is dead.