School Bullys

Meet Angela Nevarez from California

She has one hell of a GoFundMe story to tell you. This gets a play by play.

This is a hard subject for a mom.. My son is 8 and in 3rd grade.  He is very outgoing , super smart ,  very funny and entertaining. He is FEARLESS..usually. He is the most hilarious child I have ever met  I love hanging out with him. He is an absolute for me and gosh …I  jus love him so so much and he means the world to me. He is also very strong and has a strong personality. Hes alot like his mom and dad 😉

So he is a normal 8 year old, go on.

For the past three weeks . I have been getting phone call after phone call about stuff happening at school. I wondered why my son who loved schoo . Suddenly hates it and doesnt want to go anymore.

Probably because his mom is helping him with phonics and he is confused.

I immediately get there and oversee what’s really going on. I was shocked to see him in the corner of the classroom. Alone. Without a care in the world from his class or teachers.

You immediately get there? You just said they have just been calling you. I have to wonder about the security of this school if they just let you storm into the classroom.

I was heartbroken. I cant see him come home another day sad. This is now effecting his mental state and i am worried for him.He said his teacher told him he would be happy if he left, as well as the other children.

I’m sorry, the teacher said they would prefer your child leave the school? Who is this guy? Clearly he should not be an educator if he is suggesting an 8 year old drop out. I have a hard time believing every kid and the teachers want this kid gone.

in tears we secretly videotaped this in case we need it in which we will do whatver needed to be heard …when I observed the class I witnessed kids calling him an idiot and that his religion was “poor”.. he is raised Muslim. 

So your telling us that you entered the school, violated the other childrens right to privacy in a learning environment, and they openly right in front of you mocked him?

It is possible that he is muslim, however, I have a hard time believing that every 8 year old understands the meaning behind that. I also have to wonder, why would 3rd grader’s be talking about religion?

I brought that to the attention of the principle and her response was “no that is not true. I hold my teachers to a high standard” As I , of course respect teachers, this one is NOT on my sons team. And that is clear .

So I guess the “principle” is not his pal. Is everyone out to get this kid?

We have had many meetings. Many requests and I’m at my limit and I need to fix this before he reaches his. I am a scared mom now.. I have to find a way to make this work and if it doesnt that’s ok.

Now I’m confused. You have had many meetings yet earlier you claimed it was just phone calls that somehow lead to you several times sitting in this kids class. What do you mean “if it doesn’t that’s ok”? Just whatever, the 3rd grade thing didn’t work out? And, he reaches what? Don’t leave us hanging!

I will make it work somehow.   Where we are at –  Jibril has been coming home everyday crying and its breaking my heart. The principle refuses to change teachers.  The school board will not grant us a change of district. We are at a loss.

Now the school board hates this kid?

We do have him in counseling now.  At first I thought it was jibril acting out…when I finally realized that it was actually the exact opposite. Jibril can be “annoying” to some. He can be disruptive. But he does not deserve to be bullied into being the bully.

Now he is in counseling? Earlier he was smart and funny, now he is annoying? And could you please clarify how he is bullied into being a bully?

He is being forced out of this school by not only the kids but his peers

Aren’t they the same people?

. We have filed a formal complaint against this school and teachers involved

Didn’t the school board already tell you to piss off?

He is made fun of because he is Muslim which I took to the board as well.  I do not know what to do anymore as I feel I have no control. 

I’m having a hard time buying this.

So that brings me here . I know 7k wont cover it but at least it will get him in the door. I would like to surprise him and get him in a private school.  But the cost is over my pay grade. I cannot by any means do this alone. And although gofundme may have some stigma behind it for single moms looking for help, but I am blessed that he has an amazing father and he covers most of Jibriks needs. So he needs me now.I am a mom desperately trying to get my sons education back to him. And in fear of this getting so bad where it effects his mental state permanently. This is for my child and I have to  at least try for him.  Thank you.  Angela – mama♥️

Maybe she really does want to send him to private school, maybe she just wants the money. One thing I have a hard time believing is that the whole school system is against this one kid for his religion.

I also have to wonder one last thing. How come you turned to GoFundMe and not run to the press to expose this? I’m going to guess because it just isn’t true.