Just another woke Monday

No surprise, we survived another round of woke attacks today lead by our favorite person, Meredith Engle. We have noticed that they only flood they page Monday through Friday between 10 am 2 pm. It like mother’s hours.

She got her panties all in a bundle over our profile pic. The funny thing is, we NEVER said who was in the picture. She identified herself.

She contacted the page and asked for it to be taken down. I usually change it every few days and was even willing to be reasonable, until she did this.

The offer was simple. Take that down and I’ll change the picture. Take a guess which one she choose.

First, stop with your bullshit lies Meredith. You have never been threatened by this page, which is why you have zero eveidence to support that.

Whether you have a restarianing order against the guy in the picture or not is not my problem. You posted the picture on Twitter, not us. That and explain to me how that picture is going to harm you?

We give our opinions on what we find online, you just don’t like it. Then don’t read it, I’m not going to miss you .

Unlike you, we will take the high road. I strongly urge our followers NOT to report your page. Nobody should go to help with money blessings and report them for anything.

Like always, the comments were entertaining.

“Hi cops, I don’t like what is being said on the internet, people have opinions of me that aren’t nice, DO SOMETHING!!!” I don’t underatand the Facebook is on our shit thing, did you call them and they said they are on the case?

Do you know what harassment means? Us giving an opinion on stories to get free money is harassment, sorry.

The voice of reason, so you know they won’t listen to her.

Stop calling it harrassment and bullying, because it is neither. Nobody is contacting anyone in any of the blogs. If you don’t like the show, change the freakin channel.

Who the fuck are you anyway? I couldn’t find a blog about you. Nice story though.

There is just so much wrong with that statement.

That should get us.

The Wtf safe space page is blank, literally. What are you going to report exactly? Glad you just figured out we have a website, there is also Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. But you should totally go report our Myspace page, that is where all the real mean stuff takes place.

Funny thing about that. Tommy B Rider is a front man. That page may be our most popular page but it is the least used. Its not in any groups, it was created to serve another purpose and reporting it will get you nowhere. We don’t even operate the wtf page off the Tommy page.

Uh? What are we selling? Tee shirts, hats, coffee mugs, shitty hand made bracelets? I haven’t seen a thing for sale on our page. That makes no sense.

We have to say, we are enjoying this. Watching our followers fight back is most entertaining. You guys rock!!!

To the haters, keep bringing us new followers and more page views, your hatred is building us up. We aren’t going to stop, so if you don’t like it don’t follow us.