Catfish anyone?

Meet Bryan Kirk

He has a special lady friend who needs your help.

Nice job screening your scammers Meredith. Does anyone believe this?

This is what internet romance is all about. He logs in and lucky for him the most beautiful woman in the Philippines falls in love with him. But she has money problems.

Take a second and reread that again. Her electricity was shut off a month ago yet the internet was still on until a few days ago? How is that possible? And she has what, just been sitting in the dark ordering pizza every night? Maybe she should get a job.

I’m leaning more toward this guy running a scam over just a dumb person falling for internet love. A few things seem out of place. His PayPal account is someone else’s name.

Who is Philip? Your dad?

And then this.

If you google that good luck finding an article that won’t tell you its a scam. Since that isn’t a new post, takes away from the possibility of him being hacked.