We broke the Honda, buy us pizza

Remember Taylor Ann? She has three Honda but no gas money cuz her man spent it all at the car wash.

Cuz you can’t be seen in a dirty 94 civic, right? Well she is back needed mo money cuz she gotz mo problems.

She only has one bra? I don’t believe that. But for the price of a self serve car wash you can help Taylor keep her boobs in place.

Then it just got worse you guys.

Oh no her man broke the Honda !!! Well they were on their way to get free government food no less. Good thing they have two others.

OK, first, although I have a really good feeling that if you are reading this you are to mature to be doing this, but, if you are going to keep spinning the wheels on a front wheel drive car you will damage the ball joints and axle. Its ok, you looked cool right until they broke in the middle of the road and you got towed.

Second, why is it always pizza? At this point I can write a whole book on the pizza requests. Taylor actually posted this on several sites, cuz mo postings mo money right?

Chill Ash, she needed the party size pizza. Some days I wish when the group members get pissed off they would come to the WTF side and work with us. But they won’t, because they think we are evil and they are good. Once again proving that that good is dumb.

At this point you probably are wondering why a pizza and not help fixing the car? Let me explain that.

Her man is selling it. Don’t worry though, he is already working on a replacement car.

And yet he can’t afford a freakin pizza, amazing.