Muh man can’t work, and we gettin married !!!

I’m sure you all enjoyed the past few weeks of the little woke group that tried and failed to ” shut us down”. Well one of Meredith’s cronies that did the “ I’ll give them a bad review that will work !” because they actually think this is what we do for a living. Meet Cali Farmer.

Cali said mean things that hurt my feelings.

Made me cry, NAH JK !!! She also claimed that you guys are harassing people in her group but never provided one piece of evidence, because it never happened and we know that.

Now she needs your help !!

She is getting married !!! BTW, it is called a work permit not a ” work card”. Just take a look at the ring and pictures.

Oh how cute, Bonnie and Clyde. Make sure you save the date everyone.

I’ll be busy that day. Of course, I’m wondering why she can’t save $800 in 9 months, that is less than a $100 a month. Tell Caesar to get an under the table job.

I wondering how much they spend on the pictures, since they are broke and all.

He probably came in his pants doing that too.

Some advice Cali, if you can’t afford it then don’t do it. Take what little money you have down to the courthouse and have a ” shot gun ” wedding.

The humor part in this. She is a moderator of that group and is begging for money, how come Meredith isn’t funding you from the tip money she was taking? Things that make you go “hmmm”.