Moving ain’t easy

Meet Sean and Bethany Wood from Arizona.

They decided to move and clearly didn’t plan it out.

Seems well thought out, just pack the kids up and move with no money or plan. I guess some poeple fell for this one, but it went down hill from there.

How is she ” donating” to herself exactly? Sadly the lack of cash had lead to things being very hard for them.

They can’t cook good food.

or buy tacos

THEY CAN’T AFFORD TACOS !!!!!! She just needs enough for lunch and dinner apparently. The hardships don’t end there.

Are you serious right now ? You have little money and the choice of going home or getting the PS4 and you can’t seem to figure out which one to do?

I don’t think this one went well. I don’t have time to go through all 440 comments under this post, but I’m sure you can figure out what they were saying. Forget the PS4.