How far along are you?

I’m no maternity clothing expert, but I’m going to guess these clothes would be perfect for 5 minutes to maybe at best a few weeks? If she is a few months along, I would suggest calling a doctor.

Defenity not for the expecting mom. Wait for the comments.

Well, they may lead to maternity clothes.

Great, a baby boom is coming. Then of course..

Its not fat shaming Joe, this is.

Shut off You Tube and the video games, get off the couch and go for a walk, while you are out there find a job. Pro tip: No need to play white knight on Facebook to a pregnant woman. She already has a man.

The question was posted if the seller was a scammer. Doesn’t appear to be, just really shitty at selling clothes online but giving hope to all the expecting moms concerned with gain weight when they get knocked up.