Why does it even bother you Lil Dawg?

So this little controversy popped up tonight, and well, here is Big TruckerBs side and I’ll get into the rest after the video.

Earlier today there was a video posted by a guy named Will “lil dawg” Kling basically shitting on TruckerB and a few other people. The video was live and was in no way shot while he was driving a car reading comments on a screeen, because as a professional driver he would know that would be dangerous.

Lil Dawg had 25,000 followers so obviously he has and influence. He went on to whine about TrukerBs videos and style he does them in claiming they are just a rip off of another You Tuber, Billy Raines. Far from it. I watch both channels and there is a reason you don’t see the other guy on here, its not the style I was going for and the stories TruckerB does are more interesting.

It really just comes down to a jealousy issue. TruckerB has more follwers than Billy and the page is growing. Why? He is more entertaining. Our conversations we have texting each other sometimes seems more like an improved comedy show than anything.

The other thing, promoting. Besides being on here which I know has helped him, he does promos for thr WTF page and I have done some stuff to promote his page. Both of us have since followers grow as a result of this work.

Transportation Nation has a big following and they know who we both are, let that sink in Billy and Willy.

So nobody is buying followers. Hard work pays off, which is why we are growing.TruckerB and I dont don’t this for the attention or the money, we just enjoy doing it. If someone else decides to do the same, more power to ya.

As I wrote this Billy was trying to do a live feed but it wasn’t working. And of course all he was doing was bitching.

Thats all I have to say on that. I’m not big on drama and neither is TruckerB. If you don’t like us, don’t watch, don’t follow, dont read the blogs. I’m not going to miss you.

PS, Billy and Willy, feel free to make videos whinning about this blog. You wont hurt me, all you will do is drive over traffic to us.