I’m good for the money

Time are getting tough for Sandra up in Lancaster New Hampshire. The Family Dollar income just isn’t cutting it. So she needs some help.

Just enjoy the irony of her misspelling dollar, twice. Once again, her employer.

Just help her get a loan and it is worth $700 ” dollers” to you. Which you may want to save, since you will most likely end up paying back the whole loan. Although you shouldn’t have to worry. According to her, her and her hubby make plenty of money.

We never got the answer to that. This was one of a series of failed attempts to get money.

And lets not over look the failed fundraisers.

She expects somebody to believe she makes $500 working 3 days at the Family Dollar?

The struggle is real. So if you don’t mind losing $5,000 or your credit, let her know.

On a side note, there was one comment that just took on a different meaning.

It appears that Jennifer has taken 5 loads in her house. What will happen if you don’t pay for your load they will go after the co-signer on the load, but many times that person is also a deadbeat and doesn’t pay or take responsibility for the load either.