I hate negotiating

I would like to start out by welcoming all our new followers ! So as you can see below Big TruckerB is almost ready to go with his You Tube Studio, just needs a few more things.

Once he gets rolling I will be writing made for tv stuff, because him just reading the blog off the website might be kind of boring. So if you aren’t subscribed to our You Tube Channel, just click here and do it. I promise you subscribing will not make you a racist.

I have learned that dealing with big You Tube celebs like TruckerB isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. He keeps asking about his compensation for making our videos. So the negotiations begin.

My original offer was two boxes of microwave popcorn.

His choice of brand, of course. On top of that he was offered 10% of all future earnings, which is about $20 a year. Not to shaby if you ask me.

Surprisingly the offer was rejected. The counter offer was the popcorn, future earnings and a 100 grand. I was told if I didn’t give him what he wants he walks.

So here you go TruckerB, here is your 100 grand.