Don’t snort the bird poop !

You are going to want to wash your car after seeing this.

I am shacking my head over this one. Do birds not poop on police cars in Georgia?

I’m pro police but this was embarrassing. Not sure what it worse, the cops couldn’t figure out it was bird poop or that they thought he was that dumb to just leave the car covered in cocaine. Then again, I’m sure somebody has done the latter.

A tip of the hat to Shai Werts. He did exactly what you should do. He didn’t run, he didn’t fight or do anything stupid to escalate the situation. And it all worked to prove him innocent.

I’m not going to cry racism, because I never saw that in the whole tape. But go ahead woke people, fire away. Let me know when Liz Warren goes on CNN to blame this all on Trump.