Grandma get booted from Sesame Place

Out of all the things grandma can do that embarrass you and your kids, starting a fight at Sesame Place usually doesn’t come to mind.

Since that was the whole recording surprisingly we only who have word of the person recording to say what happened. Would you believe it was racial?

The person recording claims that sweet grandma was swearing up a storm and when asked to stop she went off on the Muslim woman and told her to go back to her own country. Just like the Donald did. And then the tape starts.

From my time living in Philly for a few years,I did run into plenty of older white women with Newport 1000’s hanging out of there mouth that well, hated everyone one that wasn’t them. I really don’t believe that is what was said, the timing is just to obvious. But once again, we weren’t there and I won’t just take their word for it.

Grouchy granny got booted out of the park and asked never to return. You know its time to stop going places with Grandma when even Oscar the Grouch thinks she is a bitch.

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