Its all for sale

Meet Chrisry Benardi.

She is starting her own department store. And don’t worry, its all from a smoke free home.

Of course they were only worn once. I wouldn’t says they are mens, way to girly for my taste. But if you want to sport a man bun and wake up every morning hoping your penis magically became a vagina over night, then these are the shoes for you!

Well those look alittle more that guys shoes. But only worn a few times you say?

You just never know when the urge to disco could strike. The purse also make for a great reflector when walking at night.

I did look them up, parada doesn’t exsist. Which is why there is no picture. But she needs the cash so just take her word for it.

A little wear and tear but has decent mileage. What do you want for $30?

I took the tags off so you don’t know where I got it from. More importantly, what is up with the picture? Why are you on your knees taking a selfie?

How many baby bags do you need? Once again, on the floor selfie?

I’ll be honest, I lost track of how many things were sent that this girl was selling. Everything from baby stuff to it seems like the kitchen sink. If it wasn’t nailed down, she had it listed.

The good news, everything was only used once.

She even tried bumping herself.

That isn’t how it works Christy. Now run along and ask for handouts in one of the give me your money groups.

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