Let us pray

I all but forgot about this strange prayer at a NASCAR event in 2011.

I guess down in Tennessee they really do pray to the car gods. I think he covered eveything working on the assumption to God is a big NASCAR fan.

The end was just the cherry on top, the “smokin hot wife”.

I’m sure she is a lovely woman. Thankfully she didn’t let it go to her head and try to join the then Sprint Cup girls in victory lane.

Winning would have been a little less satisfying.

I wonder if he says a similar prayer for the Tennessee Titans. ” Lord, thank you for this somewhat awesome foorball team. Please guide them to the Superbowl. Find it in your heart o Lord, to let the Patriots start losing. Tom Brady has six rings and a smokin hot wife, and we have nothing. ”

Keep prayer Pastor, but God loves us more.

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