” Catt ” Tales

Meet Catt Cantrell from Indiana.

When she isn’t staring with awe at her own boobs, she always looking for help.

Homeless and bullied in high school, what a shame. Remember that she is a home health aide, IE, PCA That is so going to come up later.

Ok, a case of water, not that much. Its more about getting the cash on paypal. Of course, she was in desperate need of water only hours after…

Needing her hair done ! Priorities. Too bad she has to work so much, but the rent has to be paid.

Damn it! Wait, what? So two of you working and you can’t pay $500 for rent?

I forgot, what you do you for work again?

Now you are a lawyer? LOL, That is freakin the funniest thing I have seen !! So your law firm was exploiting vulnerable people and you said ” not on my watch!” . Ok, if someone is hiring a lawyer, they aren’t ” vulnerable”. There is no cap on what a lawyer can charge people, sorry, they aren’t running a non profit charity.

I am even more confused about your ” hours” . Let pretend you are a lawyer. You would be working on cases and just there a few hours a day. This sounds more like you pissed off the PCA people and they canned you.

So they forced you to give up your partnership because you were going to expose them. As a lawyer, you should know about whistle blower laws. But your not a lawyer so who cares. The worst part is the legal community in Indianapolis is so small you could only apply for 53 jobs. I think that is more than I have ever applied for in my life.

Believe it or not, one truly stupid person fell for it.

Ya girl, you be an lawyer remember? Lets take those mo’fo’s down !!!

LOL, hey stupid, not that your story is real, but you are talking about criminal matters if they are stealing money. But nothing you can do until you get an employment lawyer, since you are just an minimum wage earning attorney that is going to have to wait. You should totally start a GoFundMe.

It won’t happen Candace, none of this is real. Well good luck with that whole taking down the corrupt law firm thing. Make sure you ask for donations to get your hair done and a new dress for court.

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