Polluting and punching

A quick video from TruckerB where he pollutes the environment, breaks down and threatens the safety of babies and kittens all while wearing a wife beater.

Well, that was one hell of a promo for this site. I’m sure the folks on Cape Cod would love you to come down and beat up some sharks. Just for the record, we wouldn’t actually harm babies or kittens. Ask my little ball of fur, she is really good at dodging a swing every morning at 530 am when she think it is her job to wake me up by any means to get her breakfast. We just love play our favorite game “ stop meowing and poking me in the face!”

PS, as I write this TruckeB is sitting on the side of the road broken down again. It looks like he is in the middle of nowhere Illinois, maybe he can go find a bear to punch?

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