“Other Things”


First of all, since my music tastes stopped evolving around 1995, the five decade old music reference really grabbed me and not because the next line is “…I get high with a little help from my friends.”   Call me crazy but perhaps that is the motivation behind all this.

let’s break this line by line

  1.  Please give me your donations

ummm. f*ck off.

2.  I need money to pay my rent bills and tuition fees.

oh cool so you only need thousands of dollars…this month.  Let me get right on that for you.  How about I drive you to all your appointments as well while i’m at it.  Because if you didn’t include car payment and insurance I’m guessing you don’t own one.

3.  No employers are hiring me for the good stable jobs.

It must be that YOU are not stable or good at holding down a job, because in the Trump economy its a buyers market.

4.  They only pay commission

What year is it where YOU are only offered jobs that pay commission?  Are you only being offered jobs at Car Dealerships?  Stock Broker?

5.  They seek to use me for other things

Whoa… that is quite a leap to go from a Retail job that pays commission to a job that requires handies behind the local Cumbys.    I’m sure somewhere in the middle is a bank teller receptionist.

What exactly is on your resume that leads prospective employers to right to demanding “other things.”



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