Its not gold, its junk

One wing, no basket and I understand he will not deliver. I think a dollar might be a little low on the price. Ask $10 the post the whole ad in spanish and make it so confusing that when you use the translator is makes zero sense.

The comments were a riot. I cant get them all , but Charles made everyone’s day.

I know I got tagged on this and while looking ot over thought this was funny enough I couldn’t add much to it, just share.

Then of course..

Holy faq Rob, seriously? Its a joke. Let everyone have a good laugh. Crying to the admin over a joke, wow.

And then.

First Larry, is the 413 classifieds not a private club. Does it piss you off that bad? Hurt your feelings?

Do me a favor, stop referring to yourself as an adult. You see a funny post and words on a screen and have to start a “I’m the man” pissing contest. Just move on. But if funny ads get your panties in a bundle. I got a whole website full of them. Get a box of tissue, or no wait, your going to say “fuck you” along with a bunch of threats, blah blah. Save it, not impressed or scared.

Nice job Charles making Monday evening just a little funnier.

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