Dream Big

Meet John From Mississippi.

Yes ladies, he is single. John has run into some money problems lately. Things are so tight he had to sell digital tickets to a concert at a loss.

He needs the cash because he is a little short coming up with the money for an apartment.

But John isn’t going to let this stop him. He has a plan. He is going to start a business that is going to save Amory Mississippi !

Two weeks ago you had no money for an apartment now your an entrepreneur who is only $250k short of your dream? Maybe he has a good business plan?

Please tell me you shopped that around to the banks. I don’t know much about the restaurant business, but 40 jobs seems like alot. Are you sure that will be enough people for the super southern buffet?

Oh, 56 people now. That sounds better. Still more than most small companies. But I am quite sure this will be a destination spot that people will come far and wide to eat at.

Now about the free food thing. So if I donate $1000 I get $1000 in buffet credits? I’ll get at the gift card in the mail right before opening day ? It seems for like at this point just giving $1000 away.

I know what you are asking. What if I can’t donate $1000? John has you covered on that too.

Great, a 10% discount. I’m sold

I have one last question. Do you actually have a business plan or any experience in hotel/ restaurant management, no less ownership? I’m going to guess the answer is no.

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