Funniest Home Videos wannabes

Thanks to Americas Funniest Home Videos everyone started recording everything. You never know when that funny moment could happen. One minute dad is just walking to the mailbox them boom, he takes a paralyzing shot to the balls from a soccer ball. We all laugh well dear old dad screams in pain everytime he pees.

Then there are the failed staged events.

How did you figire that would work? Seriously, and the worse part is they planned it.

” I got an idea! Lets set up the camera, then hold plastic wrap across the door. He will walk right into it and just like that we will be youtube mega stars!”


Next is a bad attempt to scare a shopper.

This guy put effort into this, that is the sad part. He actually traveled to a store with his rubber gecko in hopes on recording this woman screaming in fear. Failed.

And our third, and what may be the worst one.

That was so bad it was 14 seconds of my life I won’t get back. Its not that she stole the old “I cut myself bad” prank that was in almost evey Halloween episode of Rosanne, but you loose any credibility when you are laughing. Failed.

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