So really you don’t know nuthin’


Joplin, Missouri – A truck driver claims he was robbed early Sunday morning at a truck stop in Joplin, Missouri, but can’t remember what happened.

I remember those days, you go out on Saturday night and wake up the next day not remembering what happened. Actually, I don’t remember those times, that was the problem.

According to authorities, David E. Horn, 51, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma told investigators he was robbed in his truck at a Love’s Travel Center located at 4013 S. Highway 43 in the early morning hours on June 23.

Police said Horn indicated he could not recall what happened though.

Wow, that must have been one hell of a night. And that is where the events of this ” robbery” stop making sense.

Horn told investigators he was struck on the head while entering his truck or while he was sleeping inside the truck.

So either someone knocked you out, then placed you in the truck or you were locked in the truck sleeping, they got in without waking you only to hit you in the head to knock you out?

Horn said when he woke up later Sunday morning he realized he was missing $280 and recalled being struck in the head.

No you didn’t. You are so fuzzy on the details that isn’t even clear. I’m going with you need to find a way to cover up pissing through $280. So what it boozes, drugs, a toothless lot lizard named Rita, gambling, a toothless lot lizard named Ronnie, or did you have a fun night at the strip club? Inquiring minds want to know !

The alleged robbery is believed to have taken place sometime between 12:30 and 8:30 a.m.

He got wracked in the head and got a full 8 hours of sleep?

Police have yet to reveal any further information about the incident.

I don’t think there is much more to learn. This guy don’t know nothing. To bad too, because it sounds like he had one hell of a night, or he didn’t. He doesn’t actually know.

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