What a Dumpster fire in the 413

And with that it all started. I have blogged about this crap before. The Facebook restaurants are nothing new. It is all completely illegal but who cares, now to the comments.

Look it’s me !!! And we are off.

I’ll mind my business when you learn real words.

Nobody in the 413 needs a license to do anything. Just place an ad on Facebook and your a business.

Next is the part where I become a racist.

Did you see it? It is right there !!!!

it got worse

Well, Adriana. Actually you choose to to bring race into the conversation, not me.

Thats the standard issue face of wokeness. But just to be sure, I request everyone to see me screenshots of where I was a racist, prejudice bigot.

Still waiting !!!!

Well Ann, IT IS ILLEGAL !!! And Hannah, you have no clue. They aren’t buying food and selling it to help people, they are doing it to make a profit. Nice try, but these people aren’t Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Right? But nah. This was my favorite.

Well, it made my day. I guess I have some bad news Deborah. Everyone voluntarily wrote what they did. Nobody forced it. They made a choice to put those words on a screen.

So, good people of the 413 classified ads. You are right. I owe you an apology. I have been so busy finding other material to write about that you have been all but forgotten. I know, it must hurt because this all start with one stupid ad from the 413 thst made me say wtf? So I promise, you will more attention.

But I have one last question. Did you actually think I was going to apologize for anything I wrote? That ain’t happening.

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