How is she still single?

Guys, get ready to leave your wives or girlfriends. If you are gay, she will turn you straight. Meet our newest single lady, Big Bertha !

Damn, I want wait to bring that home to mom.

Now we can safely assume she somehow has multiple kids at home, because she needs that foodstamp money. The baby daddys all choose to confess to murders they didn’t commit because they would rather be in prison tha admit they went to poundtown with that.

There is no doubt she can’t go anywhere without causing a scene. She has probably been banned from every buffet in town and removed from the public beach at least once by the cops.

If you think she is embarrassing now, wait until you see her in her natural habitat, Walmart. Black Friday is her favorite holiday to fuck someone up.

I have one last question. What could be worse that waking up next to that every morning?

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