Sex life Sunday offends me!

Well, certainly got my attention. Its an a very catchy ad for a dance class. Pole dancing. not stripping. The ad is spicy, but odds are small children aren’t looking at classified ads. Enter Roxanne.

I know, I know. She doesn’t look like anything would offend her. Especially a facebook ad for a dance class, but…

Let me guess, its offensive to women right? Or is it that evil word SEX? Katie and Heather aren’t offended and they are women.

I can’t believe these two aren’t on Roxannes side. Actually, I can. Then Rachel jumped in. She looks like she is woke and will be offended.

Its a dance studio, not a strip joint.

Slam by Rachel ! Sex life Sunday, two out of three of those words are things that Roxanne probably doesn’t have. And to agree with Rachel, I’ll take a hard pass on Roxanne.

Sada the poster tried to intervene.

Stand your ground Sada! She won’t hurt your business even though she wants too.

No, you won’t win Roxanne. We wont let you decide what we as adults have the right to see or do.

Rachel fired back with some pictures that, I don’t know, look kind of sexy. Where did they come from? Roxannes daughter’s Samantha’s page.

Go lecture her Roxanne ! And ask her what she thinks of sex on Sundays.

And now the white knight.

Don’t try William, you sided with the wrong team. May I suggest you take a class or two.

Classes are open to men.

Roxanne wasn’t done yet. She went on her personal page asking for an admin.

Who are you friggin talking too? There are no admins on personal pages.

Stand your ground and run your business Sada. Don’t let some woke lady scare you. And just to help, here is a free plug.

And the website

Lastly, if this finds its way to Roxanne, everything that is one this blog is public and I have every right to post it so spare me the tears. But feel free to send me a whinny email.

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