The evil red hat in Chicopee !!

Trump hats for sale in Chicopee? Never thought I would see that. And they are almost flat brimmed too !

Of course, Jose can’t just sell his hats without it turning into a debate.

Don’t answer that Chino ! Just do the only thing it looks like you are good at.

Taking selfies while you are drinking. Quick question, did I pay for the drink with my tax dollars?

Sometime you just need to keep your mouth shut Chino. You would get more support for that comment on Bernie Sanders’ Facebook page.

It is your $10 Tito, and at the end of it you would prove nothing except how to waste $10. And, please, stop with the creepy old man selfies.

His whole page is just full of them, friggin creepy dude.

Then we get Kevin. Oh God, Kevin. facts and figures are fine. Just leave it there.

Jose just wants to sell a hat. This isn’t a debate or a rally, it is is just a guy selling a hat !!!!

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