Cash Uber, you know what that means?

Uber isn’t a cab. It all has to go through the app. Everyone knows that. You could get a prepaid card, or of course there is our favorites, HOOD UBER !!!!

Even the guy needing a cash ride knows not to use a Hood Uber. Take the bus or call a cab I say.

Kristina actually brings up the idea, and then says it is a bad ” idear”. I can’t believe she spelled it out. That has to be a first.

Aimee, the saying is “pick and choose your battles”. What you just did was botch the best advice passed down for generations. But in a round about way, we get what you are saying.

Then, Derek the Uber man showed up to help

When you go off the Uber app to run Hood Uber, it is a bad idea. But Derek, did I miss something. Aren’t all Uber drivers independent?

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