Girl needs to be serviced

So where do we start? Meet Makiela.

That is a hard 27 years. But I’m confident drugs had nothing to do with it.

Nevermind. Moving along.

She broke up with her man and he went after the one thing that brings her happiness. Something she wanted more than him and could live without.

Her dildo. Tell the kids to leave the room, this is about to get ugly.

Dude, seriously. Your woman wants a dildo more that you? So much so that you had to go break it knowing it would hurt her to be without it. You should be embarrassed. Go away now.

Makiela, just go to some dumpy bar or strip joint. You should have no problem getting shitbags to buy you drinks and then you can just get railed by them until you fine one you like. Just because you dont have your crotch fruit to care for, doesn’t mean you cant care for the crotch.

The best part ia how the post become a sex toy sales recruitment.

Looks like give me your money will be changing their name, and here is their new logo.

Enjoy ladies.

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