Do you know where you are?

Are you asking a question Cait? Do you know where you are? You are literally in a group called ” give me your money”. 9 out of 10 posts in here are a scam !

Any dumb questions?

Speak the truth William ! That is almost all of them! I don’t have enough time in the day to write about them all, but the bullshit is easy enough to see through. And they just keep coming!

Yolanda, I have no clue what you are saying. Blah blah is the only thing thay made sense.

What kills me about these groups is the beggars turn it all on. They play all the cards, kids, illness, domestic violence, etc. Stuff that makes the woke women running the show open their wallets.

As I have shown before, they guard these groups. I got in under a name that flies under the radar and have to not say a thing otherwise I would be booted so fast it hurts. Trust ne, it sucks not saying anything to these people.

So Cait, I leave the door open to you. Read the blogs, ask questions and learn that you aren’t really helping they way you think you are.

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