Feed the baby or go to jail, whats a momma to do?

Slow down Katee. So you have night traffic court? That must be something new they do out there in New York.

I’m just dying to know how you racked up $600 in fines off one accident. That seems a bit extreme unless of course nothing you were doing was legal. I’m guessing it was way more than failure to yield, otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at jail time.

Meet Katee.

I’m already getting the good responsible mom vibe off her. PS Katee, you are white, just saying.

I beg to differ.

Maybe her baby daddy and boyfriend can step up and, I don’t know, buy formula for his kid instead of internet panhandling.

Never mind, I think we can see where this is going. Can we see that with a white shirt by any chance?

Pretty fly for a white guy !!

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