Momma to be needs your help getting bigger boobs

Jeri is enjoying her pregnant boobs and wants to keep them, maybe in even go a little bigger. But she needs your help. She is $8,000 shy of her goal to pay for it. Enter GoFundMe and online panhandling.

They look like an ok size to me, but what do I know.

Three days into her GoFundMe and nothing yet, but the money will be rolling in, I can just feel it.

$9,000, I thought it was $8,000? Oh yeah, gonna need new bras.

I assume she wants them as a wedding present to give to her soon to be new hubby.

Despite wearing a wife beater to make him look tough, Blake appears to be a whole 100 lbs and a pair of DD’s slapping him around will probably cause an injury.

The admins in the ” give me your money” group are overly willing to bite your head off and kick you out if you say anything negative, so the comments for this post will all filled with advice and encouragement, no money though.

Don’t mess with the group Connie, Trip will put you in your place.

Pizza, shocker.

For just 400 payments of $20 these babies will be yours in just seven and a half years !!

No doubt, shop around, get estimates and quotes. I don’t know if cosmetic surgery should go to the lowest bidder though. And I don’t want to be the bad guy Kennedy, but…

That doesn’t look like a $5000 investment.

Emily and Krystal were willing to donate, just not any cash.

Neyra stepped in with the dumbest finance advice possible.

Just pay a ton of interest , or default on the card, whatever works.

And last but not least, go the natural route.

I’ll leave this on one last thought. I wonder if Jeri is a stripper? She could write the new boobs off as a business expense.

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