Fiction Frankie has a story to tell

Time out, two working moms, yup Frankie is the “guy”, and you don’t have $30 for a sitter? I’m not sure what I want to know more. How is that possible that two of you cant find $15 a piece, or that you named your kid Polaris. Poor kid has two moms internet panhandling that named him after a recreational vehicle they can’t afford to put gas in.

Just to prove they aren’t lying, here is the message from the sitter.

Who asks a sitter if they can have strangers message them for proof? Odd if you ask me. And why not just arrange to pay on your payday? Is the sitter that broke too? Maybe she should go on here.

Maybe? Always fucking pizza.

Like always Frankie is no stranger to asking for handouts.

You know what, I’m not going to try and recap that one. You know how people not telling the truth talk alot to justify their story? Perfect example.

So mom, who cant afford food, buys her $75 sneakers. But they don’t fit so just take a $50 loss. Its cool, only worn once!

Just guess what Frankie claims to do for work or a hobby?

Fiction writer, no shit! Never would have guessed.

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