If the Teaching thing doesn’t work out, I know a blog she’d fit in well at…

My dad taught in one of those 1% town in Mass for 40 years.  For 40 years he bit his tongue as parent after parent waltzed in to teacher conferences convinced little Joey was destined for the great things such as a dentist or doctor. In reality little Joey was destined to a future of administrating anesthesia-like substances at Water Works on Foam Night.

I know for a fact, simmering under the surface, pops wanted nothing more than to unleash the comments this “Florida Teacher” did.

Of course the boys mom is mad that her son got more parenting and life advice on the top of his homework than mom has probably given in a decade and a half.  Lets see who we are dealing with:

wft teac  I’m not going to say Ms. Smith (and what are the odds she’s a “Mrs”?) is the cool mom who buys weed and keystone light for the kids to have in the basement.  I’m not going to say that at all.

Also:  would.

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