A real advertisement?

Would you guys believe I got messaged by someone looking to really advertise on here? Since I have no idea how that works or anything, we agreed I say some nice things and she gives me a few bucks.

Leigh-Ann is sales rep for It Works, they sell weight loss stuff, skin care stuff, clothes and beuaty supplies. Lets face it, unlike me, you all probably dont have a fatter worse dress friend to stand next to.

Yup, who is the hansome turtle??

So a couple keys things I was asked to talk about.

Actually, I don’t know what that means, ask her. What I do know is the more coffee I drink the more I have to pee, so losing weight walking to the restroom.

No it isn’t weed. That gives you the munchies.

So Leigh-Ann isn’t getting her money back for this ad, although she may regret asking me of all people. Please visit or website for It Works by clicking here. If you buy something that would be even better.

If you have any question you could message here on Facebook or call 774-242-2342.

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