Outta the poor house

Welcome back Crystal ! When we last saw her she was allegedly living on a shelter trying to get free tvs, for the kids of course. Thing are looking better for her now!

She has been posting stuff for sale on a regular basis and for the most part even though I know there is a back story to her, it just wasn’t interesting enough. She has been on a roll lately.

None of it is barely worn. Crystal is basically an online thrift shop. She just resells handouts she gets or buys for way less fhan she sells it for. And she has more than girls clothes.

Just in time for the playoffs!

Yup, car stereo equipment ! Stereos and subwoofer equipment, the usual stuff struggling parents have lying around.

Things has sure changed since she was looking for $25 tvs.

This one is my favorite.

I guess it is hard to get a picture of the phone when you are using it. So it totally makes sense to put up that picture instead of a stock photo. Funny, I’m not homeless yet still have the S7. Maybe she will sell me the upgrade.

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