Two wackos and a trailer for rent

Diana is renting a trailer on her back yard. Seems kinda expensive, but it is located in California.

As you can tell by her posting, she is a well educated woman. And not someone who is right at home in a trailer park.

Seems normal.

Then we get Shae, who wants to rent from her.

But it was a relationship never meant to be.

Actually, I think you both are fucking nuts. Of course, we get screenshots that leave more questions than answers.

Where is the rest of it? Oh. that is right only show the part where you have to put her in her place.

I’m going to guess what happened. Shae can’t afford the rent because SSI doesn’t pay her that much. She tried to use her “disability” to make Diana rent to her at a reduced price. That failed when Diana questioned it. Clearly it is a camper, not a hadicapped accesable building or anything.

When that failed Shae threw an attitude and the conversation got ugly. I wouldn’t be surprised if ” my lawyer” came up.

I’m statting to think you are bipolar Shae. You can’t claim to be disabled then get mad when someone asks what it is.

Anyway Shae, would love to see the parts of the conversation you didn’t show. But Im sure it doesn’t work in your favor.

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