Stop reproducing

I have to admit, I am a pig in shit since I stumble upon this new Facebook group. There is so many more of these post, I’m only going after the ones I know are crap. That and I don’t want to get kicked out, we will lose valuable entertainment.

So we have Marissa from Kansas who can’t feed her 6 kids and really needs your help.

Somebody couldn’t wait to get to business. I’m guessing the first one came along before she finished the 9th grade.

She looks really concerned this morning while taking a selfie at her work, at the convenience store. And she has some great friends too.

3-4 kids? You don’t know?

Ya, no doubt she may have misplaced a few kids along the way. No doubt that ass get passed are the club.

Well, only one question left Marrisa. Why cant the baby daddy feed the kids? You could possibly have up to six adult able bodied men providing you with some money.

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