No discount for you

I had to Google this item becaue I had no clue what it was, some kind of spirit recording device. But it seems to sell for around $90.

Enter muscle Matt the wannbe buyer.

Dont worry, plenty more where that came from. And he has manners to go with it.

Really? You dont get a discount for traveling to buy an item. The seller was polite about it, but Matt seems to think he is the man and you can’t say no to him. So yeah go kill yourself because everything goes doen it value especially when this guy wants it , except of course

Anybody want to take the bet he tried to sell those?

But if you are thinking he was having a hard time trying to get a deal, wait for this cover he used on his page.

Classy. I’m sure that line works on all the girls.

Anyway Matt. You made it to the minor leagues but I got a good feeling about you, keep it up and you’ll nake it big time, on Turtleboy that is.

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