I need $80

Unfortunately Lynne to got scammed. This is why you try to either buy in person or ebay for paypal to protect you, since they always side with the buyer. But I’m not here to roast you. We are going to slam the shit out of this guy the right way.

So the is Jon who stole her money, and I’m sure money from others with the same scam. He loves taking selfies, it turns him on which is why he had his hand covering his hard on.

Clearly it isn’t coming, but time for an excuse.

And the totaled car has what to do with anything? Obviously he lied about where he lives, so sad he lost his car and all his money in one day. Talk about bad luck.

So what are you on anyway dude? That makes no sense. Plumbers make good money. They don’t need to steal $80 unless of course they have the disease. This is the point where he sobered up long enough to realize he isn’t good at this lying thing.

Lets look at his profile.

I’m not sure about that drug and alchohol free part, simce your stealing money. And ya, go. work on your tan princess, the hidingin my moms basement look is out.

I think the only reason he goes to the gym is for the locker romm selfies.

Do you have to go pee or do your own selfies turn you on?

Damn. Look he feeling himself up in this one. I think really he jacks off to his own pictures. Way to many locker room selfies.

We know you won’t return her money because your a douche bag and already pissed it away. But please, feel free to email me and tell me all about your problems.

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