Uber Protest

On May 8th Uber drivers in 6 majors cities, and those who are just to lazy to drive around in their cars, will hold a 12 hour “protest ” and refuse to work over pay rates, health insurance and ” working conditions”. And to be honest, it sounds like the dumbest thing I have hear of.

Ah the pay. So Uber takes 25% of the fare cost and pays the rest to the driver. As an independent contractor you are not guaranteed wages or health insurance. Sorry. The whole thing was set up so people could make a few bucks on the side. Not a full time career with competitive salary and benefits.

Out of the pay you have to add in taxes and cost of your car ( fuel,insurance, maintenance, payments). Once again, the cost of doing business as an owner operator. But please Uber people, go cry to a truck driver or taxi driver about how you don’t get paid enough.

Lastly, the ” work conditions”. What the hell does that even mean? Seriously you drive in your own car around, set your own hours, and only pick up people in areas you want to . If you don’t want a drunk guy at 2 am, don’t sit outside a bar at 2 am !

Hate me if you want, I don’t feel bad for the drivers over this. They just signed up for a app, met the qualifications and boom, are Uber drivers. Since it is a no brainier easy work, there is a lot of people doing. I’m guessing more drivers than passengers at times and just simply somebody won’t make money.

But enjoy your protest, I’m sure the taxi drivers will be happy to make a good days pay again.

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