Sorry to wake you, you’re screwed!

Imagine 8 pm on a Saturday night you get this message from your employer.

That’s what happen to about 500 truck drivers across the country. A company called Falcon Transport out of Youngstown Ohio went belly up and closed their doors over the weekend. Most of the talk about it seems to point at General Motors closing some of their plants, causing this company to lose a large amount of shipping business.

What impressed me the most of the rally of support from fellow truckers. These guys were left with no paychecks, no way to pay expenses and whatever fuel was in their trucks to try and get home.

The offers of help were everywhere. Other companies put phone numbers out there for them to call if they needed a ride, meal or a place to sleep with no strings attached. Recruiters posted numbers to call to help them land new jobs. Other drivers posted the routes they were driving with their phone numbers offering rides or just something to eat. That is the spirit of helping your fellow man, or in this case driver.

To no surprise, this wasn’t a big headline event. Which means none of the 20 something Democrats running for president will address it. They love to point out what is wrong with this country, when this show of support for a stranger on the highway is what is right with this country.

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