Handsome no more

In Melbourne Australia two years a few lesbians has an idea, open a vegetarian cafe! Pay women works fair wages! And discriminate toward any male customers by charging an 18% “male tax” !

I’m not even joking. Handsome Her was the name of the place, key word was. They are going out of business, hard to believe.

Maybe this would float in the heart of liberal country, you know, Northampton, but it didn’t fly in the rest of the world. They want to blame it on sexism, which if a guy did the same thing opening day would be closing day, I just call it the dumbest business idea ever.

Do the numbers. You have eliminated every normal male from going there since you discriminate against them by charging extra. So that leaves really only women. Only women who want vegetarian food. And how many of them are going to be regulars?

I dont know much about the Australian population, but here is what I know about eating lunch. When I do opt to go out for lunch at work it isn’t always to the same place.

At the end if of it all, you failed because of you. You jumped on the #metoo movement and thought it was going to make you a success. Boys may be yucky to you, but they could have benn paying customers.

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