Ya, it would take a gun

 A Phoenix couple is accused of picking up a day laborer at Home Depot, then forcing him to have sex at gunpoint.

According to court documents, on April 8, 39-year-old Brenda Acuna-Aguero picked up the male day laborer at the Home Depot at 75th Avenue and McDowell Road, telling him that she and her husband needed to move some items in their house.

But when they got to Acuna-Aguero’s home, court documents say she began “to talk sexual to him and stated that it was her fantasy to have sex with a laborer and that she wanted to have sex with him.”

And this is Brenda amd her husband

Ya whow wouldn’t want that talking dirty to them.

When the victim refused, Acuna-Aguero’s husband, 45-year-old Jorge Murrieta-Valenzuela, came into the room holding a black rifle.

Police say Murrieta-Valenzuela placed the barrel of his gun on the victim’s chest and told him to have sex with his wife, or he’d shoot him.

The victim told police he was forced to have sex with Acuna-Aguero as Murrieta-Valenzuela took pictures and filmed on a cell phone.

This poor guy was forced at gunpoint to star in a porno with that woman. The better question, how nasty ass is she that her husband would force a Mexican day laborer at gun point to bang her rather than do it himself?

That wall doesn’t sound so back on does it? I bet this guy would work on building it.

This has to be the most twisted sexual fantasy out there. But I say here is what we do. We put this woman buck nake at the border, you want in, you have to do that. Problem solved.

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