Sugar Daddy

I recently discovered that my social security check for over 2K a month will go back to the government when I die unless I have a wife that would have the right to it. My ex wife remarried so she’s not eligible. If you are a recent immigrant or was a stay at home mother without any social security earnings and you’re 55-70 years old you could marry me and when you’re 62 and when I die you collect my 2K plus a month until you die. We only have to be married for 9 months for you to qualify. Why am I offering this? I really don’t like the idea of my social security going back to the government and would like to help someone out. I am a Christian and helping people is my ministry. I would like someone with a house or apartment and I will move in with you. If we have chemistry (I need someone with an attractive face and a good heart and the rest doesn’t matter). I am currently collecting and probably have ten years at the most to live so if you’re 55 -60 you won’t have to wait long to collect- plus I will live with you and help you out financially immediately. I have been a successful businessman, considered young looking for my age, have a great sense of humor and will treat you like a princess. Kids still in your home is ok. Nothing to lose if we can at least meet and talk. I am a Caucasian open to all races and nationalities and have dated Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians and most Asian nationalities and I think recent immigrants would be most likely to benefit from my offer since they haven’t had the years of working here.

Attention single ladies between 55-70 looking to marry for money, we found the guy for you!! It doesn’t matter your race, nationality or immigration status. All you have to do is be willing to get married and put out for 10 years. Isn’t that worth 2K a month for life? Its even better if you are here illegally !! Must be attractive and have a house for him to move into, because he is so successful he has no place to live. Better hurry, time is running out, literally !

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