The bullets in the gun go bang bang !

Last week a substitute preschool teacher in Milbury dropped a few bullets out of his pocket in the classroom. Happens all the time. What doesn’t happen, a male preschool teacher. You expect this

but I guess in Milbury you get this

Those may not be accurate, but you get the point.

Millbury Police Chief Donald Desorcy said “So apparently he was wearing the same clothing two days in a row, he claims he had left magazines in his pocket.” I would think the only people who can safely mix work clothes with going shooting clothes are the police. Even better question is how did he not change or notice bullets in his pocket?

The Millbury Police Department suspended the teacher’s license to carry firearms. Officers later seized six handguns, 12 shotguns and rifles, and ammunition from the teacher’s home. Damn, who is this guy? I’m cool with legal and safe gun ownership, but I wouldn’t think my kids teacher is ready to take on ISIS.

It may come as a surprise that this guy is now out of a job. I’m not sure how your career rebounds after being a male substitute preschool teacher who got fired for dropping bullets on the storytime carpet. Maybe he can justify it by explaining there was no macaroni to make pictures with so he was just using the next bealst thing he had. That picture would totally go on the fridge.

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