WTF were we thinking: jeans and boat shoes.

Admit it, if you were in Jr/Sr high school in the early 90’s you most likely did this. I can say I totally regret it. Along with my Bud Buddy hair thing.

Yeah, that the one.

It started for me in 8th grade when we would hang out in the library for study hall. There was a sophomore girl that would sit with my little group for friends and influence our fashion style. She was kind of a snob and took pride in trying to change us to be more like her and the ” cool” older kids. She did fail in a way, I never got hooked on drugs and killed a baby ( Hi Rochelle , remember me ?).

Lets face it, this wasn’t the worse trend, but it was bad. The jeans kept coming unrolled. Not wearing socks lead to blisters. The only good thing was boat shoes all looked the same, so you could get the cheap ones.

Thankfully that trend ended and we all went back to wearing socks and overpriced Nike’s.

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